The Toutle River: Mt St Helens' pyroclastic debris drain (by GeorgeOfTheGorge) 
As Mt Adams glows on the horizon in the last light of day, the Toutle River in Washington flows from Mt St Helens towards the Cowlitz River and ultimately the Columbia River.
Pryoclastic mud flows from Mt St Helens' eruption in May 18, 1980 drained at speeds upto 90 miles per hour dumping debris into the Toutle River and ultimately pushing it 20 feet above flood stage.

A villager collects seeds from Giant Water Lilies in the Deepor Beel Bird Sanctuary in Guwahati city, northeast India.
This guy should have stayed put.

Torre David Tower, Caracas. The largest vertical slum in the world has its own micro-economy including a church, grocery stores and this gym made from disused elevator equipment.